David Sylvian
The Good Son vs. The Only Daughter (The Blemish Remixes)

  Whole Album  (135Mb)  £7.99
 1 - The Only Daughter -Ryoji Ikeda Mix  (8Mb)  £0.99
 2 - Blemish - Burnt Friedman Mix  (6Mb)  £0.99
 3 - The Heart Knows Better-Sweet Billy Pilgrim Mix  (7Mb)  £0.99
 4 - A Fire In The Forest - Readymade FC Mix  (7Mb)  £0.99
 5 - The Good Son - Yoshihiro Hanno Mix  (6Mb)  £0.99
 6 - Late Night Shopping - Burnt Friedman Mix  (4Mb)  £0.99
 7 - How Little We Need To Be Happy - Tatsuhiko Asa  (6Mb)  £0.99
 8 - The Only Daughter - Jan Bang / Erik Honore Mix  (7Mb)  £0.99
 9 - Blemish - Akira Rabelais Mix  (14Mb)  £0.99
 Full Album FLAC file with credit sheet  (239Mb)  £9.99

We are very pleased to be making the ‘The Good Son vs. The Only Daughter’ (also known as the ‘blemish’ remixes) available as a full album download.

On The Good Son vs. The Only Daughter Sylvian takes these recordings, and, in collaboration with a group of remixers including Ryoji Ikeda, Akira Rabelais, Burnt Friedman, Sweet Billy Pilgrim and Readymade FC, offers a set of radical re-workings of the “originals”.

“ Unlike most (remix albums), here the originals inspire worthwhile and completely new music” 4 /5 UNCUT

“What’s fascinating about these reworkings is the uncliched way in which the flesh out and narrow down Sylvian’s originals to make a better album” John L Walters, The GUARDIAN


As well as the full album download (and bonus track), the tracks will also be available as individual, single downloads.

As with all of our downloads the files are accompanied by a cover image, and the full album download will also include a pdf credit sheet and artwork by Chris Bigg.

More info via www.samadhisound.com