David Sylvian

  Entire album  (69Mb)  £7.99
 1 - Blemish  (19Mb)  £1.99
 2 - The Good Son  (7Mb)  £0.99
 3 - The Only Daughter  (7Mb)  £0.99
 4 - The Heart Knows Better  (11Mb)  £0.99
 5 - She Is Not  (1Mb)  £0.99
 6 - Late Night Shopping  (4Mb)  £0.99
 7 - How Little We Need To Be Happy  (5Mb)  £0.99
 8 - A Fire In the Forest  (6Mb)  £0.99
 Bonus track - Trauma  (8Mb)  £0.99
 Full Album FLAC file with credit sheet  (206Mb)  £9.99

We are very pleased to be making the David’s solo album ‘Blemish’ available as a full album download for the first time. This was in fact the first release on samadhisound in 2003.
The full album download features a BONUS TRACK which was originally only available on the Japanese CD version of the album. The additional track is entitled “Trauma”. As well as the full album download (and bonus track), the tracks will also be available as individual, single downloads.
As with all of our downloads the files are accompanied by a cover image, and the full album download will also include a pdf credit sheet and artwork by Chris Bigg.
For more info on ‘Blemish’ please click here.